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Maathics originated from a team of math/AI researchers who wanted to act for a responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence

To prevent racist, sexist, biaised artificial intelligence, we developed in 2017 an algorithm able to automatically detect algorithmic bias in learning data sets. Based on this solution we envisioned the Fair Data Use Label, a smart label to certify fair processing of data by artificial intelligence. We gathered a committee of mathematicians and jurists committed to a social AI.

Since then the collective has come a long way. Maathics has merged into various initiatives in order to cover all the axes necessary for a change in artificial intelligence habits. Below are listed some of the outcomes of Maathics in awareness, education, diffusion and research.

Watch Anna Choury's TEDx talk on AI and ethics

screenshot of the Universite Paris Dauphine TEDx given by Anna Choury on AI and ethics. The title (in french) translates to : the lessons of artificial intelligence

Discover the Destination AI course

Destination AI banner stating to Step into the world of artificial intelligence

Use the open-source python toolbox

tree describing the explainer interaction with the training and validation phases of machine learning

Follow ANITI breakthroughs in dependable AI

Aertificial and Natural Artificial Intelligencce Toulouse Institute (ANITI) Banner stating [Hybrid AI] Integrates data-driven machine learning techniques with models for expressing constraints and performing logical reasoning

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